Frequently Asked Questions
What is deep tracing?

deep tracing® is an innovative method that uses art and our senses in order to rewire our brains in order to enhance mental wellbeing.

Who can benefit from deep tracing?

deep tracing® is ideal for people who want to improve their ability to stay focused, let go of stressful thoughts and explore their inner creativity. 

Can children practice deep tracing?

deep tracing® is particularly beneficial to children, as it helps them stay focused, it enhances their learning and coordination skills, stimulating their senses, away from the virtual world of screens. Deep tracing® is also ideal for families that want to spend creative, restorative time together. 

How can I practice deep tracing?

deep tracing® can be practiced either by participating in a deep tracing® session or by purchasing the deep tracing® equipment and following the included instructions.

Where can I find the deep tracing equipment?

you can find the deep tracing® equipment here. You can also find the deep tracing Awakening kit from one of our partners listed here.


What is the deep tracing session?

to get the full experience and to be able to achieve maximum results, the guidance of a trained instructor is recommended, especially the first time someone tries this innovative method. The guided practice of deep tracing® with an instructor is called the deep tracing® session. However, you can also practice deep tracing® at home, by watching the step by step videos here.

How can I participate in a deep tracing session?

deep tracing® sessions take place on individual or small group basis as pop-up events. If you want to receive all our latest news, such as where is the next deep tracing session going to be held, subscribe to our newsletter below or follow us on instagram/facebook.

What is the neuroscience behind deep tracing?

deep tracing® engages vision, touch, smell and hearing in order to rewire our brains to stay more focused. To learn all about the neuroscience behind the method, visit here.