Digital Sundays w/ Valia Kaimaki @ErtRadio

On Sunday 6.2 we were very happy to be invited by Valia Kaimaki, at her radio show “Digital Sundays”, to speak about deep tracing

In her radio show “Ψηφιακές Κυριακές” (”Digital Sundays”), Valia Kaimaki is exploring the digital world; from social media influencers to cybersecurity holes, from new games and gadgets to cryptocurrency, from new tendencies to e-commerce, from art to children protection, “Digital Sundays” is our passport to the digital universe.

We discussed about the benefits of deep tracing, the importance of mindfulness and the crucial role Art plays on our mental health and emotional balance.

Click on the link below to listen to the whole interview.

A big thank you to Valia Kaimaki for being such a great hostess and for the very interesting conversation.