Thank you for being present.

Hey friend,

So here you are.

About to begin a new journey into mindfulness.
Time to delve deeper into your mind. During this practice you will learn a new way of being mindful, practicing self acceptance and self reflection, releasing your creativity and rewiring your brain to be more present in the moment.

Click on the play button below to start the music for your session.


As you read this first note, before beginning your practice, please take a moment to prepare your space:

  • Tidy up your desk or table before beginning your practice. A cluttered desk can make focusing much more difficult, raising your level of stress throughout your practice.
  • If you are practicing indoors, practice next to a natural source of light or place a table lamp close to you, to make sure you have ample light.
  • Put your phone on silent mode and with the screen facing down to minimise distractions during your practice. If you are reading this from your phone, open a web browser οn your computer and type to access this practice portal from a computer.
  • If you want to maximize your hearing experience, connect and put your headphones on.

Deep Tracing step by step:

If you want to get a better idea on how to practice deep tracing, watch the short videos below.

Part 1: Engaging hearing and smell and setting your intention


Part 2: Create the path. Engaging vision and touch.



Part 3: Walk the path. Free expression.


Part four: Exit

Time to close the circle.

Smell the deep tracing scent once again, close your eyes and take a moment to breathe.

Think about your journey, whether you managed to reach your intention and thank yourself for showing up.

Thank you for showing up.

Are you ready to start your practice? Let’s dive in.