Calm and Fulfilment

In today’s hyperconnected, password-protected world,
most people feel exhausted, anxious and unsatisfied.
With deep tracing, we’ve created a tool to help you
train your mind to focus, relax, and bring back
that sense of calm and fulfilment in your life.

Art and Mindfulness

Deep tracing is a new art and mindfulness method.
A form of
meditation through drawing lines and engaging our senses, for all ages.
Focusing on one simple task and creating something line by line
feels both relaxing and rewarding.

If you practice mindfulness, try it before
or after your yoga, meditation or other practice.


Awakening is a deep tracing artwork collection, made up of 4 designs: Daybreak, Playground, Arrival and Origin. Discover them one by one, or all at once.

The deep tracing scent

Our signature, 100% natural scent, is made to stimulate your sense of smell during your practice.
The scent includes essential oils, such as bergamot and black pepper, long used for their ability to soothe tightened emotions, restore emotional balance and relieve anxious feelings.
Hold at least 25cm away from the paper and spray before beginning your practice. Wait for 4 – 5 minutes and then begin your practice.



inspired by the graceful, immaculate universe of geometry, Awakening is ideal for those who are looking for a restorative deep tracing experience, helping them reach

  • emotional balance
  • uplifted relaxation
  • higher mental potential

Orderly, elegant, flawless.

Geometry belongs to the science of mathematics, the science that speaks about, more so than any other science, the unknown, the invisible, the untouchable.
Awakening uses geometrical lines, shapes, patterns, to create a new, mental territory to awaken the senses and the spirit.
Both the visual and the tactile experience of following a perfect straight line
 or curve is calming and uplifting.

The Awakening Scent


Citrusy, tart, elegant notes with a mild spicy tone, complex with nuances of warm and resinous elements:

  • cottonseeds
  • black pepper
  • bergamot
  • amber

all famous for their calming and restorative properties.


Look out for the light blue sealing sticker.


Look out for the orange sealing sticker.


Look out for the beige sealing sticker.


Look out for the indigo blue sealing sticker.