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What is deep tracing

deep tracing is an innovative method that uses art and mindfulness to release our creativity, help us let go of everyday tension and anxiety, and, ultimately, train our minds to be more focused and present in the moment.

Deep tracing is an immersive experience for all ages. Deep tracing helps children stay focused, it enhances their learning and coordination skills. Deep tracing helps adults train their brains to focus, surrender to the present moment, practice empathy and self-acceptance.

Frequently asked questions
trace (n): a slight sign that 
someone has been present trace (v): find, discover, determine
The benefits of deep tracing

Deep tracing is a mindfulness-based art therapy tool, that combines mindfulness practices with creative expression.
Empirical research has helped identify numerous benefits of mindfulness-based art therapy such as:

  • increased emotional awareness
  • improved psychological stability
  • increased self-esteem and self acceptance
  • improved attention span
  • changes in brain structure reflecting calm, focused attention
Health, Calm, Balance

Hundreds of studies to date suggest that mindfulness affects many aspects of our well-being, including improvements in our physical health. Mindfulness practices have been linked to improvements in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and more. Mindfulness is also proven to lower stress levels and increasing feelings of calm and inner peace.

Focus, Resilience, Adaptability
Evidence shows that mindfulness can actually play a role in our ability to think in a more flexible and clear manner. Sustaining focused attention and being able to shift our thoughts in spite of the distractions around us, are important for a wide range of everyday situations. They allow us to respond better and adapt to changing circumstances, raising the levels of satisfaction we experience.
Who can benefit

deep tracing is ideal for:

  • people who wish to let go of everyday stress and anxiety
  • people who need to improve their ability to stay focused
  • people who want to explore their inner self
  • families that want to spend creative, restorative time together
  • children, as it helps them stay focused and it enhances their learning and coordination skills
"... Deep tracing can become a powerful tool that bridges the benefits of both worlds, art therapy and mindfulness, leading to multi-sensory integration, higher levels of self-awareness, attention control and emotional self-regulation."
Anastasia Karayiannopoulou, Neuropsychologist
"Deep tracing can serve as an important tool in helping both adolescents and adults connect with the “here and now” through utilising different senses; vision, touch, hearing and smell. A creative process of mindfulness, deep tracing can be approached as a third-wave individualised intervention, which can help people simultaneously connect with their thoughts, feelings and experiences in a unique way, beyond the talking therapies’ limitations."
Anastassis Spiliadis, psychologist and psychotherapist, Visiting Lecturer, King’s College London
"Deep tracing is a multilayered path toward a pluriverse of emotional states and reactions. It is surprising in its plain simplicity, exciting in its absolute inwardness and secrecy, and life-affirming within its liminality. The deep tracing session made me focus, create, remember, reflect, and eventually shed my tears out of fullness. It is not yet another tool for meditation; it designates a whole new area of research."
Dr Angelos Varvarousis _ Researcher in Urban Studies and author of “Liminal Commons: Modern Rituals of Transition in Greece”
"Being experienced in Mindfulness, I was, from the beginning, very curious to try deep tracing. During the practice, I noticed that I could focus my attention more easily to what I was doing, but also internally, to thoughts I was making about me and my performance. In general, I could see deep tracing as a tool that enhances mindfulness, acceptance and and self reflection, while at the same time you feel the creativity and the satisfaction upon completing the artwork! Wonderful experience!!"
Nadia Georgakopoulou, Psychologist - Psychotherapist (MSc)